The Asufa Haggadah, Bilingual Edition


It’s become a tradition: every year, a group of more than 40 Israeli artists comes together and creates a new haggadah. They follow only two rules:

  1. Each artist creates only a single page
  2. The artists must use the standard Haggadah text

The result? A volume that entertains and surprises every time you turn the page, no matter how late your Seder goes. The Asufa Haggadah is a great conversation starter and a perfect gift for you or your host.

This year, we’re selling two haggadot!

  • Asufa Haggadah, 2023 Edition: A Hebrew-only haggadah, featuring all-new artwork
  • 10th Anniversary Bilingual Edition: A Hebrew/English haggadah with artwork selected from previous editions.

Purchase any two haggadot to get $4 off your entire order.

Please note: the cover of the 10th Anniversary Bilingual Edition damages easily and remaining copies are discounted accordingly. We cannot accept returns for this item.